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Returns Goods Policy

Jubilant Cadista Pharmaceuticals will only accept returns from parties purchasing a product directly from Jubilant Cadista or through an authorized distributor of record for purposes of resale in the normal course and/or dispensing to the general public. To the extent that this policy conflicts with the requirements of any applicable state law, the policy will parallel the applicable state law.

Jubilant Cadista requires that the account indicate from which authorized distributor the product was purchased. Jubilant Cadista further reserves the right to request proof of purchase in the form of an invoice that identifies the name of the supplier, which is (or was at the time of purchase) an authorized distributor of record, quantity and date of purchase. Returned product that does not meet these requirements will be destroyed and no credit will be extended. Upon receipt of RA, please send all eligible returns to Inmar at the following address:

Inmar RX Solutions, Inc.
3845 Grand Lakes Way, Suite 125
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050
Phone: 800-967-5952

Ways to Request a Return Authorization

  • The most efficient way to obtain your return label and track the progress of the return is by visiting Inmar’s RA website at https://clsnetlink.com (You will be required to upload a debit memo in PDF format).
  • E-mail debit memo to rarequest@inmar.com
  • Fax debit memo to 817-868-5343.

Returnable Product for Credit

Expired product with no more than twelve (12) months past expiration and no more than six (6) months shelf life remaining.

Non-Returnable Product

A product that has more than six (6) months remaining on its expiration date, or that is more than twelve (12) months past expiration date.

Unauthorized Returns

  • The product obtained illegally or sold as a short-dated, close-out, special promotion and/or sold as non-returnable
  • Product not purchased directly from Jubilant Cadista Pharmaceuticals Inc., or an authorized distributor of record. No third-party returns will be allowed
  • The  product shall be ineligible for return when the intent of the customer is to temporarily reduce inventory. Credit may be reduced or refused when inadequate inventory controls cause excessive product returns
  • Product with label defaced, covered, removed or unreadable
  • Products with lot number or expiration date missing, covered, removed or unreadable
  • Product damaged at the customer’s warehouse or store level
  • Repackaged products or product not in its original containers
  • Product purchased for the purpose of stockpiling for speculative means
  • Inmar will not accept returns of product shipped or ordered in error or concealed damage claims. Please contact Jubilant Cadista Pharmaceuticals directly at 800-313-4623 (within 10 days of receipt) to obtain authorizations/instructions on how to return.

Returns Valuation

Returns will be valued and credited at the lower of the current or most recent net purchase price, a standard market price where the contract doesn't exist (non-direct customers), or the actual direct invoice price paid for the product, less any promotions or discounts. Product sold to any government stockpile program will not be accepted for return.



These policies are subject to applicable state and/or other regulatory agency’s regulations.


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